Scientists Can Make Good Managers

At CSR Scientific Training we have had extensive experience of working with scientists who are asked to take on managerial roles and responsibilities.  It is seldom surprising that sometimes those people who have been recruited for their high levels of scientific ability struggle with the additional responsibilities that come with being a leader.  This leadership and management apprenticeship will give your leaders of the future the tools to be able to lead and manage effectively.

This programme will help your first line managers, supervisors and mentors to become more capable and confident with the challenges of managing people and change in your business. The programme will develop skills in key areas such as performance and people management (linked to your own systems and processes), business principles, managing conflict and encouraging innovation.

We anticipate this apprenticeship taking between 12 – 18 months to complete and estimate 6-10 hours learning per month with assignments worked on at home.

The programme involves the completion of a level 3 Diploma in Management leading to associate membership of either the Institute of Leadership and Management or the Chartered Management Institute.

Qualification – Level 3 Diploma in Management (minimum 55 Credits)

Mandatory Units – Total 37 credits

  1. Manage Team Performance
  2. Principles of People Management
  3. Principles of Business
  4. Principles of Leadership and Management
  5. Manage Personal and Professional Development
  6. Manage Individuals’ Performance
  7. Employee Rights and Responsibilities

Optional Units – Minimum of 18 credits

  1. Manage Individuals’ Development in the Workplace 3
  2. Manage Conflict within a Team 5
  3. Implement Change 5
  4. Encourage Innovation 4
  5. Discipline and Grievance Management 3
  6. Prepare for and Support Quality Audits 3
  7. Contribute to the Improvement of Business Performance 6

The units above require a combination of both competence and knowledge based evidence allowing for learners to use workplace documents, witness testimony, professional discussions and assessor observation to build the required documentation meaning that the programme is very practical in nature.

As well as completing the qualification and as part of the new Standard of apprenticeships those managers selected from your organisations will need to evidence their CPD in a portfolio of evidence assisted by our tutors and assessors including observations and 360-degree feedback before taking an independent end-point assessment process.

On-Programme Assessment

  • regular assessment (involving employer and training provider)
  • development of a portfolio demonstrating learning and development activities with their application in the workplace.
  • through evidence of 360-degree feedback within the ongoing development portfolio.
  • successful completion of management diploma 1.3 or equivalent knowledge building activity (if used)

Gateway to End Point Assessment:

Employer and Training Provider agree the apprentice meets the requirements of the Standard

End Point Assessment

  • Test of knowledge using scenarios with questions
  • Competency-based interview
  • Assessment of portfolio of evidence
  • Professional discussion relating to CPD activity

Successful individuals gain

  • An industry designed apprenticeship
  • An industry recognised management diploma Level 3 (if used)
  • Option for professional registration with relevant professional body

CSR Scientific Training will carry out practice or mock end-point assessment events for learners to ensure high chance of success and overall final grading.

Grade Total Mark
Distinction 70+
Merit 60+
Pass 50+
Fail less than 50