The L4 Sales Executive Apprenticeship is designed with scientific sales and development in mind, the cost of this apprenticeship is £6000 over an 18 month period. We feel that the course, which is led by market leading sales specialists, could offer the following advantages to you as a business:

  1. Increased effectiveness at identifying and uncovering new opportunities to generate extra revenue and profit
  2. Avoidance of unnecessary delays, stalls and impediments to successful sales and profitable industry alliances
  3. Reduced sales cycles, resulting in more accurate forecasting and improved cashflow
  4. Improved ability to differentiate from competitors
  5. Enhanced communication with prospects and customers resulting in longer-lasting win-win relationships
  6. Better representation of your company’s brand and reputation within the industry

This apprenticeship may be suitable for an existing member of your sales team or a new recruit taken into the business to manage accounts or to manage part of your marketing strategy.